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elicausa.com  is owned and operated by true automotive enthusiasts and piston heads. We have extensive experience in the classic and collectible car industry as well as considerable experience in the import/export business. Our 5,000 square foot shop and 7000 square fit warehouse in NE Philadelphia has the capacity and equipment to perform high‐end restorations, maintenance work, and custom builds. We explore every possible source to find quality Mitsubishi Delica’s and other unique imports. We find the vehicles, setup the shipping, handle all the import paperwork, and provide our customers with an inspected vehicle ready for delivery. We get Pennsylvania dealer titles for every vehicle which can be transferred to your state directly, like any other used car title. We take the worry and hassle out of buying a vehicle sourced outside of the US. We like to be upfront about a vehicles condition and pricing. We import vehicles in varying degrees of condition so you can find something that fits your need and budget. We also do restorations on some selected vehicles prior to sale. Each vehicle is unique just as every customer is unique.We focus exclusively on importing vehicles that are 25 years or older. Our imports are 100% legal.

Contact us today with questions about the process, a particular vehicle in our inventory, or just to find out more information.

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