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Frequently asked questions about  Delica’s

 Is it hard to find parts for Mitsubishi Delica in USA?

All maintenance parts can be purchased at your local auto parts store because Delica shares many components with Mitsubishi  Montero, Mitsubishi Mighty Max and Mitsubishi Van which were imported to US by Mitsubishi Dealer.  We also carry all Delica parts, you can visit our growing part store or contact us directly for any part you need and you don’t see it listed.

99% of Star Wagon components are still available from Mitsubishi and most of them can be ordered from your local dealership ,but you will find your part number in our online parts catalog prior ordering ,since Mitsubishi USA won’t recognize your VIN number .

Can US mechanics and service shops work on these vehicles?
Absolutely, any good Repair shop can service Delica’s you are not require a special mechanic to service the vehicle.  For Diesel powered Delicas, we recommend any mechanic that works with diesel vehicles.  Any import or Mitsubishi mechanic should have no problems repairing gasoline versions.

We are currently working on the Service Network for DelicaUSA please feel  free to send us suggestion for repair shops in your area.

Do you provide vehicle financing?
We do offer financing through JJ Best Bank auto finance. You other option can be is your local bank or credit union. We can help provide inspections and appraisal data to get you the loan you need.

Where do your vehicles come from?
We look for rare and unique 4×4′s in all corners of the world. There have been many great vehicle platforms that were never available here in the US. Our primary source is Japan, but we also deal with vehicles from Europe and Australia.

What’s involved in importing a vehicle from a foreign country?
Finding the vehicles, inspecting them before purchase, facilitating the transaction, arranging shipping and insurance, obtaining customs clearance, port retrieval, and US titling and licensing are just some of the steps involved. But we do all the hard work for you! From purchase to delivery, we can handle everything in between and make it fun and enjoyable to find and buy a non-US vehicle.

Is it legal to own, license and drive a non-US market vehicle in my state?
The vehicles we import are 100% legal across the US.  If you can’t get your vehicle titled in your state, we’ll buy it back guaranteed.  This is an easy promise to make, since every vehicle we sell can be licensed and driven in all 50 states.

Is it hard to drive a right hand drive vehicle, and is it legal?
It is completely legal and easy to adjust to driving a right hand drive vehicle. A few hours behind the wheel and you can become completely comfortable with driving right hand drive.

Will you sell me a vehicle that is currently on its way?
No. We prefer to get the vehicles, perform an inspection, complete our standard maintenance and then make sure the vehicle is 100% ready. We want to be your lifetime source for imported vehicles, not to lose a customer over having not met your expectations about a vehicle. While we can learn a lot about a vehicle from photographs and auction data, we’re aware that we can’t really “know” a vehicle until we’ve put our hands on it.

What makes you different from other importers?
After over 20 years of experience in car market, we feel we bring a special perspective and skill set to the import vehicle industry. We feel we are different in two primary ways. First, we like to have plenty of inventory on hand to immediately supply vehicles for every taste and every budget. Second, we’re more interested in long term relationships than quick profits. We want to be your importer for life, and we try to treat every customer like we treat our friends and family.

Will you find a vehicle for me based on my criteria?
Yes, we can help you find whatever you’re looking for. Although we prefer to purchase and sell our own selected and inspected inventory, we can help you find your choice of vehicle and handle the entire import process. We charge a flat $1,000.00 service fee on top of the actual costs of importation and shipping. We do all the legwork, cut the red tape and titling for you. Contact us today to find your dream vehicle or to learn more.

What’s the process for finding a vehicle specifically for me?
We start with a complete consultation tailored to your needs and situation. We make sure to clearly define the costs, the time and the conditions required. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the vehicle you get, so we try to manage everyone’s expectations accordingly. Then, based on your parameters, we begin the search after receiving a 10% deposit based on expected cost. From there, we find a candidate, give you a chance to make a yes or no decision and then begin the import process. Once the vehicle is purchased, we require a payment of 75% of the remaining balance based on purchase cost, shipping, and insurance. The final payment, including our $1,000.00 service fee is due upon arrival.

Will you import vehicles other than Delica’s?
Delicausa.com specializes in Delica’s only, but our company, Mendel’s Garage can import any vehicle from any foreign country as long it is over 25 years old. If you’re looking for something particular, we can help you find it. Contact us today.

Do you provide Warranty on your MiniVans’s?

For our customers we offer 2 month full power train warranty on every Delica we sell. We also guarantee that all vehicle components and all power equipment is in good working order upon arrival at the customers place .


Do you ever have any left hand drive Star Wagons?
Left hand drive Mitsubishi’s L300 (Delica in Japan only) were only available in a few markets worldwide. Some South American countries, Europe and the Middle East are examples where left hand drives were available. However, these vehicles are few and for the most part are very hard working vehicles with lots of kilometers. Check our current inventory to see what we have available.

Are accessories and aftermarket upgrades like lift-kits and Snorkels available?
Absolutely, Delica Star Wagon have a dedicated following and aftermarket support worldwide. There are many providers of aftermarket accessories, performance upgrades and replacement parts.

Do you offer Shipping?

We ship our vehicles Nationwide and we have our own brokerage account.  We do not charge a commission or use any sort of middle men.  This is the reason we provide best shipping rates for our customers.  You can contact us at any time for a shipping quote.


  • Offroad ability

  • Dependable Diesel Engine

  • Simple  and  easy to customize into a Camper

  • Roomy Interior

  • Easy maintenance

  • Lots of available upgrades

  • Fully backed by our delicausa support team

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