Every vehicle we import undergoes a thorough, 100‐point maintenance and inspection procedure.

In addition, each vehicle is kept for at least a weeks for driving tests to discover any issues.  We make sure each vehicle is road ready, and that any potential problems are discovered and addressed before delivery to the customer.

Standard Maintenance & Service Performed on All Vehicles:

  • Replace Engine Oil & Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Air Cleaner Filter
  • Drain & Replace Front/Rear Differential Fluid
  • Drain & Replace Transmission Fluid
  • Drain & Replace Transfer Case Fluid
  • Flush & Replace Engine Coolant
  • Inspect/Replace Batteries
  • Inspect/Replace timing belt
  • Lubricate Front Driveshaft/U‐Joints
  • Lubricate Rear Driveshaft/U‐Joints
  • Lubricate Other Chassis Points
  • Lubricate/Inspect Locking Hubs
  • Inspect Front Knuckle Joints
  • Inspect Frame‐Body Mounts and Bushings
  • Inspect Frame‐Suspension Mounts
  • Inspect Suspension Bushings
  • Service Air Conditioning System
  • Inspect Glow Plugs operation (Diesel)

Test Drive Inspection


  • Confirm that engine is operating properly and shows no obvious signs of damage
  • Check that engine oil pressure is within normal range
  • Check that engine reaches normal operating temperature
  • Confirm smooth idle speed & adjust if necessary
  • Confirm smooth acceleration
  • Check for any unusual noise or vibration at idle and under acceleration
  • Check for engine pinging


  • Check clutch operation, smoothness, and slipping (Manual Transmission)
  • Check for synchronizer quality (Manual Transmission)
  • Check shift quality & shift points (Automatic Transmission)
  • Check for slipping bands and clutches (Automatic Transmission)
  • Confirm operation of transmission shift lock and key interlock system
  • Confirm that transfer case switches smoothly from 2WD to 4WD and back again
  • Confirm that there is no vibration from u‐joints and axles
  • Confirm that there is no vibration from drive shaft


  • Check for excessive vibration during braking
  • Confirm that vehicle does not pull left or right upon braking
  • Check for unusual brake noise
  • Confirm that brake pedal free play is within specifications
  • Confirm parking brake sets and fully releases
  • Test for master cylinder bleed down
  • Confirm proper operation of brake booster


  • Test tilt steering wheel for proper operation
  • Confirm that steering has smooth feel in lock‐to‐lock range
  • Check for excessive noise from power steering pump
  • Confirm that steering wheel is centered in straight line driving
  • Confirm that vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surface
  • Check for excessive tire vibration or steering wheel shimmy
  • Check for any unusual handling conditions in cornering and braking
  • Check for any wheel bearing noise
  • Check for unusual tire noise
  • Listen for any other unusual noise, vibration, or harshness

Other test drive inspection points

  • Check for wind noise
  • Check speedometer and tachometer for proper operation
  • Check for significant squeaks or rattles
  • Check for turn signal self‐cancel operation

Vehicle Component Inspection

Under Hood Inspection

  • Confirm that fuel cap is present and the proper part
  • Replace Air Filter if dirty or at service interval
  • Replace Wiper Blades & top up washer fluid
  • Check belts for cracks, wear & proper tension
  • Check for engine oil leaks
  • Check for any broken or missing ducts, brackets, and engine covers
  • Check for oil in the air cleaner
  • Check for water in the engine oil
  • Brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder has the correct fluid level
  • Power Steering reservoir is at the correct level

Engine Coolant, Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Check for proper coolant specific gravity
  • Pressure test cooling system to check/correct leaks
  • Check/correct cooling fan operation
  • Check water pump for noise and leaks
  • Confirm that coolant recovery tank is full to the correct level and does not leak
  • Check hoses for cracks. Replace if needed
  • Test A/C cooling operation
  • Confirm that A/C refrigerant sight glass is clear
  • Check for any indication of leakage at A/C connections
  • Confirm normal heater operation
  • Confirm normal defrost operation


  • Battery is correct specification for this vehicle
  • Battery is secured
  • Battery posts are free of corrosion
  • Cables are in good condition and properly secured
  • Battery charge is at prescribed level

Tires, Brakes & Suspension

  • Inspect tires for damage
  • Confirm tires have minimum 7/32 inch or 80% tread remaining
  • Set tires to proper inflation
  • All four tires must be of same brand, model, and size
  • Check wheels for damage or major scratches
  • Check that spare tire is present and at proper inflation
  • Check that jack and tools are present and functional
  • Confirm that wheel covers and caps are all present and secured
  • Replace Disc brake pads if wear is greater than 30%
  • Replace Brake shoes if wear is greater than 50%
  • Inspect shocks for leaks and wear
  • Inspect steering rack, linkage, bushings, control arms, and dust boots
  • Check tie rod ends, knuckles joints and other suspension links and bushings

Drive Train

  • Inspect transmission for leaks
  • Check for any engine oil leaks from under the vehicle
  • Check for damage to drive and axle shafts

Frame & Underbody

  • Check fuel tank and fuel lines for damage or leaks
  • Inspect brake lines and hoses
  • Check exhaust system and rubber hangers
  • Inspect motor mounts and transmission mounts

Body Electronics

  • Horns function
  • Clock is operational
  • Ambient temperature displays if equipped
  • All wiper speeds work correctly
  • Windshield washer operates
  • Cigarette lighter and power outlets are operational
  • Power windows operate from master switch and all door switches if equipped
  • Door locks operate from the master switch if equipped
  • Power sunroof operates properly if equipped
  • Radio and speakers operate, document type:
  • Rear defogger grid lines do not show any damage

Interior/Exterior Lighting

  • Low beam and high beam headlights
  • Check headlight aim
  • High beam indicator light
  • Turn signal lights and hazard lights
  • Taillights and brake lights
  • Fog lamps
  • Side marker lights
  • Backup lights
  • License plate lights
  • Instrument panel lights
  • A/C on indicator light
  • Rear window defroster indicator light
  • Dome light

Condition Inspection

Document Body/Exterior Defects

  • Cracked or broken exterior lenses
  • Outside mirrors damage or defect
  • Windshield or glass cracks or chips
  • Body dents and dings
  • Paint scratches and chips
  • Bumpers damaged or scuffed
  • Tailgate, hydraulic stays function properly

Document Interior Defects

  • Cup holders, ashtrays, and storage compartments are present and clean
  • Seats, carpets, floor mats, door panels, and headliner are free of stains and abnormal wear
  • Seats and headrests work properly in all positions
  • Seatbelts have full range of extension and smooth operation, no stains or wear
  • Seatbelts lock up per specification
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