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Equipped with seats for 7/8, solid rear axle , locking differential, 5 inches off ground clearance, this van will take you to the most interesting places on earth.

Family Oriented


With legendary reliability and durability this van will serve the whole family. Will serve the whole family for many years. And the memories will last a lifetime.

New Friends


Join our growing community of Delica enthusiasts. Share your experiences and knowledge. Be the leader of the trail, and the star of the campsite.


Welcome to Delica USA: home of the most versatile minivan on Earth and the best vehicle for outdoor adventure. Whether you are mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, off-roading, expedition traveling, or just camping with the family, this minivan is exactly what you have been looking for.

Unfortunately, this van was never available on the US market , but now that 25 years have passed,
Mitsubishi star wagons are now available for the North American outdoor community to enjoy.
These minivans are equipped with many unique options that are necessary for any nature lover.
With a super reliable, durable, and economical turbo Diesel engine, four-wheel drive with two speed transfer case, and room for 7 to 8 people, this van is сapable of navigating even the toughest terrain.

This is not your average soccer mom minivan.  This is an unsurpassed lifestyle vehicle.  You’re either going to like this car or hate it- there is nothing in between.  Some may argue that it seems too quirky or too clumsy, but there is truly a certain beauty in those simple lines of the functional interior. It will look just as good in a country club’s parking lot as it will along the Rubicon Trail.  This van going to be like your old, good friend- very calm and always trustworthy.  As you take care of it, the will remain faithful to you for years.  It will take you almost anywhere in the Earth- climb with you up every hill, take you home from the strongest winter storm, and be there along the way as you uncover new and hidden destinations.  This is your chance for a ticket to a real adventure.

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